GAUI NX4 可搭配引擎種類:

1.O.S MAX 37SZ-H
2.O.S 50SX-H(需另購改裝品)
3.O.S 55HZ-R DRS(需另購改裝品)
4.O.S 55HZ-H Hyper(需另購改裝品)
5.GAUI T-10(需另購改裝品)

GAUI NX7 可搭配引擎種類:

1.O.S 91HZ-R 3C Speed
2.O.S 105HZ
3.O.S 105HZ-R
4.O.S GT15HZ Gas
5.Y.S 91SRX_Tareq
6.Y.S 120SR
7.Y.S 120SRX




a. 檢查主齒輪與馬達驅動齒間隙是否過大,過大的間隙將於飛行時產生噪音。
b. 尾傳動皮帶是否過鬆?過鬆的皮帶會產生噪音與降低尾舵效率。
c. 檢查主旋翼與尾旋翼所有控制連桿是否正常運作。
d. 檢查馬達動平衡是否正常。

T-10 問題排除


(1) 若遇油門伺服機干擾抖動:
(2) 引擎高轉速飛行時,若發生異常轉速降低或轉速明顯忽高忽低。

請注意建議# 217170

原X7搭配之單向組適用於編號:217350 GUEC GM-350S 無刷馬達(500KV) 4600W 系列馬達~(X7 標準馬達)

不適用其他更高規格瓦數之馬達,若您需更換其他更高規格馬達,請一併更換強化型單向組,編號:217170 X7 單向主齒盤組 (強化) 確保您飛行的安全.

Mini VBar第一次接電腦時,無連結狀態問題

如果VBar是第一次接上電腦或者 Windows 7 , 有時錯失驅動程式時,會出現偵測到新硬體但會找不到對應的驅動程式情況下,必須手動指定驅動程式所在目錄。
而驅動程式是放在VBar安裝程式目錄/光碟的 driver 目錄下。
如果是mini VBar 則指定 VstabiUsbDriver2 目錄
如果是VBar 則指定 VstabiUsbDriver 目錄

Mini VBar-Installation


Warranty Information

To the general retail consumer
Please note TSH GAUI is the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Your selling dealer should be your first point of contact for any troubles you may be having with your product. Our dealers appreciate your business and welcome the opportunity to provide you with superior customer service.
Many issues can be resolved thru technical support emails. We will also be adding FAQ section in our official website to provide answers on frequently encountered issues.

General Return Policy (for Dealer returns to TSH GAUI)
Customer must first obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) issues by TSH GAUI and Write this RMA# clearly on the return package with your exchange/return or we will not accept or process your return. You must include a detailed explanation on the TSH GAUI RMA FORM which you can download here.
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TSH GAUI shall not in any way or manner be liable to the buyer under this clause unless the following conditions for the installation, use and/or operation of the TSH GAUI product in question are strictly complied with:

1. The TSH GAUI product is installed and operated in accordance with TSH GAUI’s instructions and any manual issued by TSH GAUI in conjunction with the installation and operation of the TSH GAUI product and in accordance with generally accepted industrial practices; and
2. The TSH GAUI product is used under normal conditions for which it is designed; and
3. The TSH GAUI product receives due and proper care and maintenance; and
4. The TSH GAUI product is not subjected to any modification or adaptation which is not authorized by TSH GAUI in writing; and
5. No device, instrument, equipment (either separately or in combination) is installed for use in connection with or as part of the TSH GAUI product, the use or combination of which has not been approved or recommended by TSH GAUI in writing; and

Your selling dealer is your first point of contact for warranty issues. Please contact your dealer for advice BEFORE returning any item. In many cases your dealer can help you solve a problem without return. Return postage is the responsibility of the user in all cases.

You MUST Submit a copy of original, dated receipt, and explanation of the problem with the return. Returned units should be examined by our tech department within 10 days of arrival, and contact made with the dealer to explain the findings.

‧ Include the following in a letter, enclosed with your return package:

PayPal Account:

Limits of Responsibility: We accept no responsibility for crash damage. It is impossible to determine for certain whether crash damage was the result of a radio system failure or pilot error. We accept no responsibility for crash damage occurring during the use of a radio controlled model. We accept no responsibility for improper installation of our products. Electrical polarity MUST be properly observed in hooking up electrical components. Fuses must be used with all electrical components where indicated (example: speed controllers).

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability as to Products Sold

All TSH GAUI products are guaranteed against defects for the period of 30 days. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN, TSH GAUI makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind with respect to products sold. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN, TSH GAUI expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, of any kind with respect to products sold on this site, including but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. By placing an order, you agree that the sole and exclusive maximum liability to TSH GAUI arising from any product sold on the TSH GAUI sites shall be the price of the product ordered. In no event shall TSH GAUI, its directors, officers, employees and representatives be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to product sold.

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Minimum Advertised Price(MAP) Policy

Tai Shih Hobby Corporation (TSH GAUI) has determined that its interests are best served through the adoption and enforcement of a minimum advertised price (“MAP”) policy. This MAP policy is designed to (1) protect reseller margins so that desirable pre-sales and post-sales services and infrastructure can be provided by our channel partners (2) support the TSH GAUI brand as a premium offering; and (3) avoid destructive intra-brand channel conflict.

This policy has been unilaterally adopted by TSH GAUI and will be uniformly enforced.

Policy Coverage
This MAP policy covers all TSH GAUI Partner resellers located globally.

Although resellers remain free to establish their own resale prices, TSH GAUI will, without assuming any liability, unilaterally impose sanctions as described in this policy against resellers who advertise applicable TSH GAUI products at prices below those specified herein.
TSH GAUI will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this MAP policy, as it is non-negotiable, and will not be altered for any reseller. MAP applies only to minimum advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold, or to advertised prices higher than the unilateral minimum resale prices established by TSH GAUI from time to time.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)
The current listing of products and applicable MAP prices are published on TSH GAUI’s website and also emailed to Distributors/Dealers from time to time. The products and MAP may be changed from time to time at TSH GAUI’s sole discretion. TSH GAUI resellers are responsible for remaining current with MAP policy, products and pricing. Each advertisement below the MAP will be a violation of the policy.
The MAP policy applies to all advertisements of specific TSH GAUI products in and all media including, without limitation, flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, Internet or similar electronic media, television, radio and public signage.

Policy Violations
In the event a reseller chooses not to follow the TSH GAUI MAP policy, sanctions will be unilaterally imposed by TSH GAUI.
Violations of MAP policy shall be determined by TSH GAUI in its sole discretion. TSH GAUI will not accept any communication from a reseller who has violated this MAP policy regarding the violation or the willingness of the reseller to bring its prices into compliance with the MAP policy.

Policy Modifications
TSH GAUI reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend, or discontinue the MAP policy in whole or in part or designate promotional periods during which the terms of the policy change or designate periods of time during which the policy is not applicable. Policy modifications shall be made available on the TSH GAUI official website at http://www.gaui.com.tw

Contact Information
All questions or comments regarding this MAP policy are to be directed to the policy manager at manager@gaui.com.tw.
The policy manager shall be solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the policy has occurred, communicating decisions to resellers regarding the policy and receiving any communication regarding sanctions imposed under this policy.